March 3: Body Heat #5 with Lazaro Casanova

Hello, friends! It’s hard to believe we’re up to five of these already, and each one has been even more fun than the last. Thank you for your support so far! We’re keeping it going with that first-Saturday monthly known only as Classcadia’s Body Heat. If you haven’t made it to a Classcadia show yet, the idea is that we focus on new grooves from the current hot producers, presented in the cool underground vibe that only The Electric Tea Garden can provide. RSVP and invite your friends on the Facebook page.

This time we have a very special guest from Miami, along with some of our favorite local friends and resident djs:

(Miami, Get Physical, Leftroom, petFood, Murk)

Lazaro Casanova is a full time groove-making producer, DJ, and label owner. A brooklyn art school drop-out who was always deeply immersed in music one way or the other. Hailing from Miami, FL he has gone from considering dance music as a cheesy taboo to single-handedly being a trend setter in house music. Establishing himself as a highly regarded DJ and producer with a global stage.

Casanova has established himself as a global touring DJ in rising demand. Initially touted as an ‘underground’ dj his irresistible constant grooves working away throughout seemingly endless nights have defied the ‘underground’ constraints and catapulted him into bigger night clubs around the world. He has held residencies in Lima (Peru), Monterrey (Mexico), El Paso (Texas), Juarez (Mexico), Washington DC & Miami (Florida). Showing a very note-worthy talent proven to work more than just once, Casanova is no fluke. He brings House music with a truly unique twist into his Dj sets. Ranging from deeper groovy sounds to jackin’ afrocuban rhythmic patterns he is able to firmly direct crowds in both smaller & bigger rooms with unmatched successful results.

But yet we still haven’t gotten down to the actual core of Lazaro Casanova talent. As a producer recently coming into his own Casanova established himself as a trusted source of great music in 2010. Having an amazing creative workflow of an average output of a track a week, he continues to outperform himself in the studio. Gathering fans not only on the dancefloor but in the industry itself. With notable constant support from the likes of Oscar G, Nic Fanciulli, Seth Troxler, Matt Tolfrey, Lee Curtis, Dj Three, X-Press 2, Radio Slave, Adultnapper (among countless others) Casanova has proven his musical range to reach all crevices of dance music. Casanova since then has been welcomed into a broad range of record labels spanning from Nervous Records to Leftroom records. Also sparking remix requests from all ends of the music spectrum. With Lazaro Casanova there is no such thing as ‘underground’ or ‘mainstream’ there is only good house music in its rawest and purest form.

(Crosstown Rebels, Rebellion, 8bit, Freefrange, Seattle)

To all but the most literate of electronic music buffs, Seattle’s Dave Pezzner may seem like a relative newcomer to the house and techno community. His debut Pezzner album, the much heralded ‘The Tracks Are Alive’ dropped on Freerange in 2010, following a spate of releases on the label since 2008. Subsequent releases on Om Records and Urbantorque, as well as remixes for American staple labels Mothership and Ghostly International have projected Pezzner once again on to the worldwide stage.

However those that have been watching and listening long enough have probably already discovered his work as one half of West Coast house duo Jacob London, noted for releases going back ten years on the likes of Doubledown and Classic Records. For 16 years he cut his chops with partner Bob Hansen, creating eccentric house and breakbeat rhythms.

Pezzner’s own work could be said to be more serious, with an abstract artistic sensibility, lofty percussive themes and intentions to create hypnotic soundscapes for the body as well as the brain. ‘The Tracks Are Alive’ is a 13-track walk-through of his organic-sounding style, in full dance-floor mode traversing with ease between disco, house and techno.

Featuring heaps of brand new productions, remixes and originals, his live set continues to take him to the far reaches of the dance music globe, on stages including Mutek festival, Cielo in New York, Smartbar in Chicago, The End Up in San Francisco, Trouw in Amsterdam, Space in Ibiza and Seth Troxler’s DEMF party. The recent completions of hugely successful European and Australian tours signal the launch of his critical assault on the wider global circuit.

(Viva!, Seattle)

Where are you from?
I am currently living in Seattle, WA but I was born and raised in Florida.

How did you start DJing?
I started DJing at a friends house for fun sometimes after high school. But my fascination really started when I was around 10 or 12. My father threw parties when I was growing up and would DJ on his dual cassette player. Seeing him going tape to tape and how much fun everyone was having when he played certain songs really fascinated me and made me start to pay more attention to music. When I first started DJing, I found that it gave me an opportunity to express myself musically without boundaries. I started listening and rediscovering music in a new way and became very passionate about the art. I studied other djs, always watching how they mixed and how the crowd reacted to them. Eventually I started doing nights locally and it’s been fun ever since.

Who are your influences?
Being that my parents are foreigners, I was brought up listening to many different styles of music, anything from Calypso to old americana/folk music was played on daily basis in the house. But as far as people go, I would have to say Peter Tosh, Jon Lennon, Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, Byron Lee, Junior Murvin, The Temptations, the Smiths, Pixies, David Bryne and Michael Jackson have all influenced me in one way or another. As far as influences in the scene I would have to say DJ Three, Jeno, Terry Fancis, Doc Martin and maybe a few more. Their dedication to the scene is amazing and I aspire to reach their successes someday.

What genre of music do you play and what is your DJ style?
Well I say that I play house but others say I mostly play deep house. I like all styles of house and get bored if I play in one style to long. It’s my belief that DJing is like telling a story; you must take your listeners on a journey that evokes emotion all the way to the end. No one enjoys listening to the same sound over and over again so I try to leave an impression every time I play a gig. I like to read the crowd and try to figure out what’s going to make them dance and enjoy my set. I never plan my sets before I play. I like to get to a venue early and listen to what others are playing and see how the crowd responds because it helps me narrow down what style the crowd will like the most. In the end its about making people dance and have fun.

What are you up to lately?
A lot actually. I am currently in the process of restarting a label that was one of my favorite’s when I first got into the house scene. I am the new A&R for Viva! Recordings and, along with my partner Jon Lemmon, are planning some good stuff for the coming year. I also have a new release coming out in the next month or so on a local Seattle label called Uniting Souls Music. It’s a 4 track EP called “Park Authority” that contains all original tracks that I’ve written over the last year. And Im currently talking to a few other labels about doing some remixes and original work. So I’m staying pretty busy.

(Seattle, Classcadia)

OFDM has been a major player in the electronic music scene in the Pacific Northwest since the early 90’s; first as a promoter of well-remembered events and later as a DJ and owner of a “techno only” management company by the name of Rising Sun Management. In 1996 Jeffrey decided to shift his focus from “massive” events and focus on his budding professional career. His last party, Future Soul Festival, will ever be remembered as a truly legendary event. In true renegade fashion, the party was shut down at 3am and began again at 6am. Unable to stay away, Jeffrey continued producing and curating on a much smaller scale, founding the very successful Sundazed park parties that flourished from 1996-2004 with up to 8 events every summer in local Seattle parks while also establishing the selective, family style New Dawn renegade events in the woods of the Pacific Northwest.

In 1997 Jeffrey founded the FTF Collective, which produced fondly remembered parties and helped to launch the careers of several DJs of the time. Jeffrey, through Rising Sun Management, promoted and booked many well known and successful DJs, the likes of Disco D, Forest Green, Stewart Walker and many others. Jeffrey assumed a short role as manager/agent of Ryko recording artist Freezpop and planned a small tour called Monsters of Electropop.

With more than 15 years behind the decks, Jeffrey has established a refined palate for high quality, intelligent electronic music. With an emphasis on sexy Tech House, Deep House and Techno, Jeffrey can always be looked to for the most current and tasteful tracks.

(Classcadia, Basic Sounds, Traxpad, Seattle)

An innovator in his own right, Joel blends sexy deep sounds with a tribal bent spanning the genres of house and techno. A DJ for over a decade, Joel had a breakout set this year at Photosynthesis when he rocked the Sweatbox cabin with a three-hour set that kept the room moving while playing almost exclusively brand new, cutting edge house and techno. Joel also has the claim to fame of being the inventor of Traxpad – a professional DJ application for the iPad which has created a uniquely fluid and modern way of mixing without losing the tactile qualities of turntables and a mixer. With his deadly accurate mixing and careful track selection, Joel Rocks every party he plays.

  • By Josh
  • Mar 03, 2012